On-Camera Audition Techniques Workshops with Richard Futch, CSA

Richard Futch, CSA, one of the first casting directors to use video auditions almost exclusively to cast hundreds of actors for film and television, shares his 30+ years of experience, observation and insight as a casting director, actor and teacher. 

IMPORTANT: Register early! Enrollment is limited to ensure each class member will work on-camera and receive individual attention.

Mr. Futch, a partner with Futch-Mullins Casting, brings his proven method of instruction to these unique workshops.  Instruction focuses on each class member working ON-CAMERA with actual script and/or commercial material.  Based on his 25 years’ experience in Broadway, regional theatre, feature films and television, Mr. Futch provides each actor with individual feedback and positive reinforcement which have proven to help with both auditions and performances — and most importantly, it helps actors get the job.

Casting credits range from major features including The Notebook  to TV blockbusters and more than 100 episodes for network and cable television.

“I have watched thousands of video auditions and witnessed hundreds of actors experience the joy of becoming employed actors. Let me help you become one of these success stories.”
– Richard Futch, CSA

Upcoming Seminars

Oct. 11, 12 – Clearwater, FL

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